Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Prayers to Our Lady of Walsingham

O Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Walsingham, to thy loving intercession we commend ourselves, our homes, our friends and our native land. We recall with thankful hearts the love thou didst show to thy Son on Earth, and the blessings given us through thy prayers. As thy devoted children, we dedicate our lives to His service. Our Lady of Walsingham, pray for us that we may do whatever His will is for us. Amen

Ancient Walsingham Prayer

O alone of all women, Mother and Virgin, Mother most happy, Virgin most pure, now we sinful as we are, come to see thee who are all pure, we salute thee, we honour thee as how we may with our humble offerings; may thy Son grant us, that imitating thy most holy manners, we also, by the grace of the Holy Ghost may deserve spiritually to conceive the Lord Jesus in our inmost soul, and once conceived never to lose him. Amen.

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